Do you use Ads.txt?

Yes, all our publishers use ads.txt.

Do you support 3rd Party validation, ad serving and measurement tags?

We are fully committed to providing full transparency and support the most popular 3rd party tags. If you are working with a new partner we are happy to setup a meeting with our tech team to discuss implementing their tags.

We are committed to providing great customer experiences in online advertising and are fully compliant with the guidelines provided by IAB Tech Lab’s LEAN Principles and the Coalition for Better Ads. Our standard and Contobox ad units, across all formats, support:

  • A lower number of HTTP requests

  • Small file weight for initial, subload and user-initiated load

  • Optimized CPU load

  • Compressed files with Gzip

  • Asynchronous scripts loading

  • User-initiated sound in autoplay videos

  • User-initiated expansion*

  • Adhere to AdChoices principles for Online Behavioural Advertising

  • Delivered over HTTPS protocols

*Contobox ads can support two types of expansion, depending on the publisher requirements. Expansion on click or swipe actions, compliant with the LEAN Ads guidelines. As well as expansion on rollover for three seconds, compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads guidelines.

Do your ads follow the guidelines determined by IAB Tech Lab’s LEAN Principles and/or the Coalition for Better Ads?

Do you offer brand lift studies?  

We have a partnership with Nielsen and provide complimentary Nielsen Digital Brand Effect studies to campaigns of a certain budget. We also offer studies at a fee if the campaign hits the study requirements criteria. Your sales rep will be able to help you determine if your campaign applies.

Do you offer contextual and behavioural targeting?

Yes, talk to your sales rep to determine what kind of data layering we can add to your campaign.

How are you ad fraud compliAnt?

Due to our premium sites we offer a dual anti- fraud mechanism. Our traffic is validated not only at the DSP level but also at the publisher level due to our relationship with premium publishers such as Disney. We also accept client 3rd party validation tags to maintain transparency.